Story within a story…within a story

“Transmedia storytelling represents a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience” (Jenkins, 2007). Yet what does transmedia have to do with ‘Vine?’ Does it even relate to ‘Vine’ in the slightest?

If any of you reading this are still unsure of what the term transmedia means, I’ll provide you with an example that most of you should be familiar with. Harry Potter. Harry Potter is largely involved with transmedia, and here is why. Harry Potter started out as a book written by the famous J.K Rowlling, these books then turned in films further exploring the ideas mentioned in the books as well as expanding its audience too all ages. These films were then the focus of interactive board games leading to hints and details for upcoming films. Books where then further released such as ‘Harry Potter’s Book of Spells’ revealing to fans his famous witch craft.

When asked to relate my chose technology ‘Vine’ to transmedia, I thought are you crazy! My platform involves six second videos, which is hardly enough time to even say my name on the thing. But then I thought I better conduct further research to make sure. And too my surprise, I was wrong. I was confronted with articles left, right and centre how ‘Vine’ is used to distribute information about other platforms e.g. movies, books, artwork or even politics.

Vine Takes on TV as Cinemax Promotes ‘Banshee’ in 6- Second Loops’ (Hernandez, 2014). Is an article explaining that Cinemax has recently used ‘Vine’ to promote the second season of ‘Banshee’. “Vine users will get an intimate look at the hopes and fears of citizens residing in Banshee, Penn., as opposed to just seeing Vine videos of actors out of character backstage”.  ‘Vine’s’ distribution does not stop there, however it has also recently been used to advertise politicians! “Freshman Rep.Mark Takano is using new Twitter video application Vine to give his constituents a behind-the-scenes look at his work in the House” (Neubauer, 2013).

‘Vine’ may not carry transmedia that is as obvious as Harry Potter, but it certainly has it… who would have thought! ‘Vine’ is greatly used for the distribution of other media platforms, which allows for deeper  knowledge from viewers and fans world wide.


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I’m sure that many of you are aware of ‘Batdad‘, but if you are not (I hope there isn’t too many of you!) i’ll explain. ‘Batdad’ is known for his humorous personality in the world of ‘Vine’, his videos are plastered all over Facebook with millions of hits, likes and shares. He is almost never seen with out his Batman gear, and almost always hilarious. ‘Batdad’ is not the only star in the scene, yet his children and his wife are often captured on camera in their day-to-day living routines. You must be thinking, yes this is ‘Batdad’ guy is kind of funny but what does this have to do with audience participation in relation to ‘Vine’? (I’m getting there I swear!). In my opinion, the relationship between ‘Vine’ and its users are somewhat unique. ‘Batdad’ began as an audience member of ‘Vine’, having almost no idea what this new platform was, however after familiarising himself with the platform, he formed an identity, allowing us to be the audience of his performances. To simplify it, ‘Vine’ intended for an audience who carries character, charm and charisma to entertain others, allowing this audience to further enjoy the platform by experimenting their different identities within ‘Vine’.

“Vine is a competitive force within the social media landscape” (Amy Gesenhues 2013). With more then 40 million users ‘Vine’ has now gained relationships with brand names such as ‘MacDonald’s’ to market products. ”We are always looking for new ways to have fun through social channels”, (Rick Wion 2013). ’Vine’s’ audience further expanded when government and politicians officials signed onto the site. “ Legislators used Vine to capture their reaction to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address on January 28 moments after it happened” (Best practices Media). ’Vine’s’ quick, easy, and readily available functions make this platform irresistible to such a large audience base, allowing brand names and politicians to support this platform with the advantage of receiving feedback from its viewers instantly.

‘Vine’ has rapidly increased its reputation and reliability. Its success within society has lead to a development  of a larger audience involving brand names, politician and government officials as well as many more. I believe that this platform is still excelling and in the near future its audience will further expand and further develop relationships of high quality. I’m excited to see whats coming our way!


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Twitter 2014:

Producers vs. Consumers

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 10.48.22 PM

Producers devote their life to developing products of high quality to consumers. Where as consumers crave a simplistic life that is controlled through the click of a few buttons. What I want to know however, is when this vicious cycle will ever end and who is going to take out the win. (My votes on the consumers). The extent to which producers take to impress consumers is beyond imaginable and I often wonder for what? Yes the high income is lovely I’m sure, but what thrill do these humans get by impressing their audiences day in and day out?

‘The cultural Logic of Media Convergence’ – (Henry Jenkins) is an article that has become very familiar to me over the last two days. To sum up this article for you guys in one sentence I would say that Jenkins thoroughly speaks how convergence is not only corporate driven although equally by consumers. This then triggered my thoughts on my chosen technology (‘Vine’… you better have not forgotten or else!) Who’s idea was it to create this fabulous six second video recording device, the producer or the consumer? “Consumers are fighting for the right to participate more fully in their culture, to control the flow of media in their lives and talk back to mass market content.” – (Henry Jenkins). Jenkins quote subtly provokes consumer power over producers yet still, their equal reliance on convergent media platforms to fulfil expectations.

Whilst researching, I stumbled across this article -‘ The founders of Vine open up about their six-second sensation’. “We didn’t want our users to sit there looking at spinners all day, so we needed a smaller file size”.(Colin Kroll) Kroll’s words convey one of Jenkins ‘Nine sites which important negotiations between producers and consumers are apt to occur’ (Jenkins pg. 38). Media Aesthetics. Within Jenkins’ nine sites ‘Media Aesthetics’ is highly important. I bet that if McDonald’s television commercials advertised the real look of cheese burgers half of you would not be tempted to try it . (Unless your into the oily slop of meat placed between two fake looking bread rolls kind of look). It was crucial for ‘Vine’ to contain high media aesthetics when launched, otherwise it simply would not have taken off the way it did. ‘Vines’ fast working features, ability to hear and produce sound work together with its action to record, and re-watch moments is what made the audience to fall head over heals for this platform.

‘Vine’ was created by a combination of; producer and consumer, by evolving from the idea of a consumer, yet leading into a producer the moment it turned viral. Producers are experts on knowing consumer needs and wants within a product. I know I said at the start of my blog that my bet is on consumer’s wining this endless battle, but I think I need to change sides. Producers will always incorporate new features to already brilliant products, leaving the consumer impressed and eager to find out what is next.


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Copying, Borrowing or Stealing?

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” (Coco Chanel) I believe that this quote dramatically expresses that in todays day and age individualism is an admirable characteristic that only some (the lucky ones) have, yet the rest pine for. However it is this lust for individualism that causes conflict referring to ‘who’s idea it was first’.

The reason I chose to share this clip from the film ‘Finding Nemo’ is because I believe this is how todays society acts towards everyone wanting the same ‘meat’ (information to be theirs). Our eagerness for originality is overtaken by our competitive nature to achieve success. We all know that the only way to achieve financial success through originality is through the laws supporting copyright. If any of you people reading this were alike me; unsure of what the terms copyright laws actually meant, i’ll give you my understanding of the term with my new knowledge gained this week (trusty source I know). Copyright laws are put in tact to protect the intellectual rights of the owners, meaning that no one else can copy, borrow or steal their material with out either financial agreements, referencing or acknowledgements. If failed to do so penalties do apply e.g. fines.

One might then ask (because I certainly did); well what are the copyright laws for ‘Vine’? By brain was stuck on the thought of  how a six second video of yourself could possibly contain copyright laws? “Your Vines are commercials and require the same kind of copy clearance a television advertisement would require” -(Kile-beth Hilfer 2013). Yep, you read that right! Crazy isn’t it!? Song writer ‘Prince’  demanded a takedown of any ‘Vines’ taken at his concert capturing his music and the atmosphere surrounding, due to the fact that it is his work and only the people that paid for the concert are supporting and acknowledging his talent.

After researching the laws of copyright was only when I started to realise the extent to which these laws are taken. It was definitely an eye opener realising that each persons individualism whether famous or not falls under some kind of copyright law. (Hmmm i’ll definitely need to consider this thought next time I have a brilliant idea…). As for now, I hope to continue researching the effects of copyright not only on the creator but on their audience also. I look forward to chatting to you guys soon about my findings.

Talia xx

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Six seconds of fame


The challenge of picking my own technology to study was more than intriguing, my mind was overflowing with possibilities. I craved picking a technology that is somewhat new to me so I could bury my self into research. After endless amounts of thinking, re-thinking and then thinking again about the infinite number of devices I could chose I finally landed on my brilliant idea. VINE.

Most of you (well I assume so anyhow)  should be familiar with this four letter word pronounced as ‘Vine’. However if someone out there is reading this that isn’t addicted to watching 6 second videos on Facebook I’ll explain to you my understanding of the technology. Vine is an iPhone application that enables individuals to capture videos lasting for 6 brilliant seconds. These videos are then often released to Facebook and if lucky, turn viral due to the humorous activity performed.

Sounds pretty silly right? Well let me tell you this, an astonishing 40 million people today are actively using this program. Why? That is my question also. What is so exhilarating about watching someone else make a fool of themselves in 6 seconds? (Safe to say I often find myself watching these ‘Vines’ on my Facebook newsfeed having a giggle.) But what is to come in the future? Will these short 6 second ‘Vines’ develop into lengthy videos? Or will that totally ruin the reputation of the ‘short humorous’ vines? I find, that there is a connection between ‘Vines’ and ‘Youtube’. These programs both allow society to express videos of interest furthermore entertaining others. In this day and age however, what is considered to be most entertaining? Short and sweet, or long and lengthy?

I’ll leave you guys with this thought; will Youtube overtake ‘Vines’ because it is limited to only 6 seconds? Or will the demands of societies desire for ‘Vines’ force potential developments for this technologies future in order to be considered popular? You tell me, because it has left my mind twirling yet again.

I’m excited to share my findings with you; so until next time try and watch as many ‘Vines’ as you can. Ill get you started by watching this adorable dog/human eat some cereal.

Talia J..

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 1.38.21 PM

I’m one of those people that have never really been interesting in posting my personal details online. It’s not that I’m against online blogging, in fact I envy the people that find the time in their life to share with us their thoughts and opinions on this crazy world we are all living in. In starting this blog I hope to warm to the idea of strangers getting to know me through the form of my writing. So here goes the first blog that I will write about myself…(wish me luck!)

My name is Talia Johnston. I have recently turned 18 (February 12th) and am currently experiencing life as an adult… scary I know! I recently went into Dan Murphy’s for the first time and before even placing my alcohol that I was holding so proudly on the counter I got asked for ID. I think my baby face and 12 year old body features that gave it away. Iv’e chosen a degree in ‘Communications and Media  Studies’ in the hope to nurture my sense for direction. I will be using this blog for BCM 110 as well as BCM 112.

I like to say that I am good at dancing, but in all honesty I’m nothing less than pathetic. However the thing I love most about dancing and watching people dance is the way each individual adds their personal interpretation of the movement, yet expressing as a whole.

ANNND CUT!!!!!!!!! Pheww, my first blog post is done and dusted! Its kind of scary to say that I actually enjoyed expressing myself. Guess I’ll be talking to you soon enough. Love and kisses Talia. xx