Ease of Internet access

After recently uncovering my Nonna’s first experience of television, it was time to investigate again, only this time with Internet, not television. When being told I needed to ask my Nonna about her Internet access at home, I giggled to myself because she lives in Wilton. WILTON! A place where you have to run around the house waving your phone above your head in the hope to receive a bar of phone reception. Internet in her house is yet to be discovered.

So instead of talking to my Nonna about Internet, I decided to chat to the legend herself, Mum. For the past 5-6 years or so, my Mum has forever been saying to my sister and I; ‘Put the phones down, we are at the table!’, ‘Talk to each other instead of typing’, or ‘Are you even listening to me!!!’ But recently, the tables have turned. Oh yes, that’s right Mum, they have. She is now connected to Facebook. She would never admit it, but my former technically impaired Mother is addicted to the thing. Sherry Turkle’s Ted talk ‘Connected, but Alone’ (2012) addresses this matter, “Parents text and do email at breakfast and at dinner while their children complain about not having their parents full attention. But then these same children deny each other their full attention”. This notion of being alone, together and vice versa, suggests that constant Internet access permits not only youths, but parents to connect to different places they want to be in.

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 7.20.59 pm

Searching for Internet access has become increasingly effortless, which is why I believe elder generations have jumped on the bandwagon. Internet is in almost in every house. My house in particular has an abundant amount of Internet access. We have unlimited downloads, 1 television, 3 laptops, 2 IPad’s, 4 data plans and 3 phone’s. Along with this, the council has just connected National Broadband Network cables to our apartment block. Like come on, talk about tempting.

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 7.19.37 pm

Boyd says “Over the past decade, social media has evolved from being an esoteric jumble of technologies to a set of sites and services that are at the heart of contemporary culture” (Boyd, 2012, p. 6). As this technological culture continues to develop, it will become tougher to escape. The relationship between the elderly and the internet is beginning to strengthen with more and more parents and even grandmothers joining Facebook. For teens, I believe Internet usage is solely focused on connecting with friends while being away from them. However, for the elderly it is a way to keep in close contact with children, grandchildren, work and friends. The Internet will continue to appeal to different demographics as this culture develops.


Danah Boyd, It’s Complicated (2014), free PDF downloadURL

Sherry Turkle, Alone Together TED talk transcript (April 2012)URLhttp://www.ted.com/talks/sherry_turkle_alone_together/transcript


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