Hi there, long time no speak

My name is Talia Johnston and I am currently in my second year of University studying Communication and Media, majoring in Marketing and Advertising.Sitting through the first BCM240 lecture was quite interesting as I had never heard of the term media space before. Yes I have studied media for the past three semesters, however I never acknowledged the way media can split people in half and allow them to be in two places at once …scary I know!

I began to realise that everyone utilises diverse media spaces to connect with each other. And that in fact, I immensely encircled myself in specific media spaces during the holidays. Due to my sister being over seas for the past five weeks, I made sure to keep up with her holiday through the use of social media. The weekly Facetime calls allowed my sister to exchange her overseas experiences with us, while my Mum and I exchanged our (not so) exciting experiences back home. This forum allowed our family to come together, while being in two very different geographic locations.

Our generation is more then lucky to experience the benefits of modern day technology. I am excited to see what technology has in store for our future!


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